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10 Eco-Friendly Gardening Tools to Cultivate Home Food

As part of our home gardening series, we gathered for you the top tools you'll need to start growing your own food. It's easy, satisfying, and the best thing you can do for your local environment and combating climate change.

Growing your own fruits, veggies and herbs is rewarding and sustainable. Use these top 10 earth-friendly gardening tools to plant successfully while reducing environmental impacts:

1. Hand Trowel

For weeding and digging, choose stainless steel trowels with wooden handles like this ergonomic option from Heritage.

2. Hand Fork Cultivator

Loosening and aerating soil is easier with eco-friendly hand tools like this steel cultivator with a recycled plastic grip.

3. Garden Hose

Cut down on plastics with an earth-friendly garden hose like this lightweight rubber model from Continental contoured for easy handling.

4. Watering Can

An aluminum watering can like this 2-gallon oval option from Novelty helps precisely deliver water to garden beds minus the plastic.

5. Garden Kneeler

Protect your knees and back while gardening using a comfortable foam kneeler like Garden Kneeler's eco-friendly padded seat and handle design.

6. Garden Gloves

Durable organic cotton and latex gloves like HODUP's Fit's lightweight, cruelty-free gloves help hands stay comfy and soil-free for hours.

7. Hand Pruners

Keep your pruning gentle on plants and the earth with efficient hand pruners like this certified eco-friendly steel bypass cutters.

8. Compost Bin

Convert garden waste into nutrient-rich food for your soil using an earth-friendly compost bin like this rust-resistant recycled polystyrene model from VIVOSUN.

9. Planters

Grow veggies and flowers in self-contained recycled plastic planters like this versatile stackable garden bed boxes in green.

10. Natural Fertilizer

Nourish your garden organically with a sustainable fertilizer like Dr. Earth's all-purpose plant food derived from natural materials and low environmental impact sources.

Gearing up with eco-friendly tools ensures your home garden flourishes sustainably for years to come. Investing in durable products made from recycled, organic and low footprint materials also benefits the earth. Get ready to grow green!

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