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Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico if You're a Nature Lover

Discover Puerto Rico's rainforests, bioluminescent bays, and sustainable attractions that make this Caribbean gem a top destination for eco-conscious travelers.

With its abundance of natural wonders, sustainability initiatives, and eco-conscious attractions, Puerto Rico has firmly established itself as a premier destination for eco-tourists. From its tropical rainforests to its stunning bioluminescent bays, this Caribbean island enclave has numerous magical places to explore in harmony with nature.

El Yunque National Forest is a prime example of Puerto Rico's ecological riches. This 28,000 acre rainforest is the only tropical rainforest within the U.S. National Forest system. Towering palm trees, rare wildlife, scenic waterfalls and hiking trails await those who venture into this verdant landscape. El Yunque is a symbol of the island's astounding biodiversity, which includes over 4,000 plant species and hundreds of types of animals.

Another natural gem is Mosquito Bay, one of the world's most magnificent bioluminescent bays. Here, microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates light up the water with an otherworldly blue glow whenever motion disturbs them. Kayaking Mosquito Bay at night is an experience eco-tourists rave about, as each paddle stroke activates the miraculous neon blue shimmer.

Puerto Rico prioritizes protecting these ecological wonders while making them accessible to mindful travelers. The island has preserved over 50 wildlife refuges, 17 state forests, and 6 nature reserves for eco-adventurers to responsibly enjoy. Sustainable tourism accounts for 6.2% of Puerto Rico's GDP, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the island's economy and its environment.

Puerto Rico's sustainability initiatives also make it ideal for green travelers. The island has enacted ambitious renewable energy targets, including generating 100% of its electricity from clean sources by 2050. Solar energy production has already doubled in recent years. Recycling programs have also gained momentum, with 40% of waste now being recycled rather than dumped in landfills.

Hotels and tour operators across the island have earned eco-certifications for their sustainable practices. Paradores like Hacienda Tamarindo are ideal for eco-tourists, with LEED-certified architecture surrounded by the sounds of the El Yunque rainforest. Kayak tours run by operators like Galloway Expeditions ensure minimal environmental impact while paddling through Mangroves and Bioluminescent Bays.

Puerto Rico's culinary scene also highlights local, organic ingredients. Farm-to-table restaurants like Jungle Bird in San Juan allow diners to taste the island's tropical bounty in dishes featuring guava, yuca, and other freshly sourced produce. Food tours like Flavors of San Juan offer walking tours of vendors selling homemade plantain chips, fruit popsicles and other authentic treats.

Eco-minded travelers will find plenty to see and do in Puerto Rico's vibrant capital San Juan. Tree-lined walking trails, bike share programs, and green spaces like Botanical Garden demonstrate the city's commitment to sustainability. The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel has a LEED Gold certification and showcases local artisanal goods.

With so much natural beauty, sustainability, and rich culture rooted in environmental stewardship, Puerto Rico offers the quintessential eco-tourism getaway. As the island continues implementing policies that protect its ecological heritage while attracting mindful visitors, its future as a leading sustainable travel destination shines bright.

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