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Tyson Foods Accelerates Sustainability Efforts Through Startup Investments

Tyson Foods is driving innovation in sustainable food production by partnering with disruptive startups. Through its venture capital arm Tyson Ventures, the company recently hosted its second annual pitch event focused on sustainability. After hearing from 11 startups tackling major challenges, Tyson selected four to receive mentorship, support and potential future investment.

This event highlights Tyson's commitment to backing pioneering solutions that align with its sustainability goals. Since 2016, Tyson Ventures has invested over $100 million into companies developing emerging proteins, food safety technologies, and environmentally friendly production methods. As John R. Tyson, Chief Financial Officer and Tyson Ventures President, stated, "We have a critical role to play in responsibly producing food for a growing world."

The four startups chosen by Tyson's Ventures Innovation Partners have developed breakthrough technologies in areas like water conservation, biosurveillance, and upcycling food byproducts. For example, ZwitterCo created a membrane system that enables water reuse and waste recovery for the food industry. This allows for major water savings and reduced pollution risks.

ZwitterCo Wins Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year Award at 2023 Global Water Summit
ZwitterCo Wins Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year Award at 2023 Global Water Summit

GenoTwin is revolutionizing livestock health monitoring using advanced data analytics. Their biosurveillance platform provides early infectious disease alerts and sustainability insights that can improve outcomes on farms.

Meanwhile, SuperGround developed a novel production method that utilises 100% of poultry to create up to 30% more meat per bird than current approaches. This revolutionary technology maximises sustainability by reducing waste.

NetZro is also tackling waste, but on the plant side. Their patent-pending process converts leftover grains, eggshells and other byproducts into nutrient-dense ingredients, creating value from waste.

Netzro turning Tattersall Distilling's wasted grain into commercially available flour
Netzro turning Tattersall Distilling's wasted grain into commercially available flour

These four startups epitomize the type of innovation Tyson seeks - solutions that drive sustainability across the food system while increasing production efficiency. Tyson has outlined ambitious environmental goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and improving water stewardship and recycling. The company also aims to unroll regenerative agriculture practices on 2 million acres of corn farmland by 2030.

Investing in and collaborating with startups allows Tyson to accelerate progress towards these goals. The four chosen ventures will receive financial and strategic support from Tyson as they scale up solutions.

John R. Tyson, raised the alarm on sustainability 9 years ago, and noted how inspiring it was to see entrepreneurs passionate about transforming food for sustainability. Supporting visionaries through Tyson Ventures is part of the company's broader efforts to be an agent of change.

Tyson Foods is one of the world's largest meat processors. As global demand for protein rises, its imperative companies like Tyson find ways to responsibly increase production while safeguarding the planet.

The four startups spotlighted at Tyson's recent pitch event represent a future focused on efficiency, innovation and ecological stewardship. With continued investment and adoption from Tyson, their revolutionary technologies could soon become standard across the meat industry.

Tyson's willingness to engage with and nurture sustainability pioneers reflects a forward-thinking ethos. One that recognizes the role corporate giants can play in bringing about systemic change. The company's ventures arm shows that profitability and eco-conscious progress are not mutually exclusive - they can be complementary when firms back ideas that transform markets for the better.



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