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Meatless Burger Places Continue to Chart Yelp's Top 100 List of Best Burger Places in the USA

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure as we delve into the thriving world of meatless burgers in the United States. According to Yelp's highly anticipated Top 100 Burger Spots list, nearly 20% of the nation's best burger joints are dishing out tantalizing plant-based creations that are taking the culinary scene by storm. From coast to coast, vegan and vegetarian establishments are leaving their mark and satisfying the cravings of burger enthusiasts nationwide.

According to Yelp, nearly 20% of the best burger spots in the US are dishing out mouthwatering meatless options. From coast to coast, plant-based burgers are capturing the hearts and taste buds of Americans, making a splash in Yelp's highly anticipated Top 100 Burger Spots list. Let's dive into the juicy details of this plant-powered revolution.

Leading the pack is Monty's Good Burger, a four-location vegan fast-food chain in Los Angeles. With a secret menu and a cult-like following, Monty's delights customers with its vegan cheeseburgers and Max'd Out Fries, all served on a delectable plant-based brioche bun.

Not far behind is Evolution Fast Food, the first plant-based drive-thru in San Diego, known for its delectable offerings and eco-friendly practices. Both establishments exemplify the growing demand for vegan burgers and sustainable dining options.

Taking the vegan burger scene by storm is Atlanta's own Slutty Vegan, securing the third spot on Yelp's list. Entrepreneur Pinky Cole's innovative concept has garnered attention and investment, attracting crowds to its 11 locations. Customers enjoy not only the mouthwatering burgers but also the energetic and vibrant atmosphere. With a drive-thru in the works, Slutty Vegan is making it even easier for fans to get their fix.

The surge in popularity of vegan burgers can be traced back to 2019 when Yelp saw a significant increase in mentions of plant-based options in reviews. From Atlanta to Pittsburgh and Detroit, the trend was undeniable. Notably, the Impossible Burger saw a tripled mention in 2018, indicating the growing fascination with plant-based alternatives.

impossible burger saw increase in mentions

As more burger joints recognize the demand for plant-based options, they are incorporating meatless patties into their menus. Gordon Ramsay Burger in Las Vegas, known for its gourmet creations, offers the Viva Vegan Burger alongside its other delectable offerings. Additionally, comedian Kevin Hart's Hart House is making waves in the vegan fast-food scene, with a focus on accessibility and expansion.

Vegan burger options are not limited to the US alone. Neat Burger, a UK import backed by Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio, has recently made its mark in New York City. With its delectable menu and dedication to sustainability, Neat Burger is set to conquer taste buds across the globe.

Neat Burger Top 100 Best Burger Places on Yelp

The rise of plant-based burgers in Yelp's Top 100 Burger Spots reflects a growing consumer appetite for sustainable and delicious alternatives. From well-known chains to emerging vegan hotspots, the plant-powered revolution is in full swing. As more burger joints embrace this trend, we can expect an even more vibrant and diverse plant-based burger landscape in the future. So, whether you're a vegan enthusiast or a curious foodie, get ready to sink your teeth into a whole new world of meatless deliciousness.

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