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Kraft Is Making Plant-Based Cheese

Kraft Heinz partners with NotCo to launch dairy-free NotCheese Slices, catering to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

Kraft Is Making Plant-Based Cheese

Kraft, renowned for its popular Kraft Singles cheese slices, has unveiled its latest innovation: Kraft NotCheese Slices. Capitalizing on the plant-based trend, the company has collaborated with NotCo to create these entirely dairy-free products. Offering a range of flavors including American, Cheddar, and Provolone, the NotCheese Slices will soon be available alongside other Kraft products.

The company touts the NotCheese Slices as delivering the taste, texture, and flavor that consumers desire. NotCo's revolutionary AI technology, known for creating delectable plant-based foods, has been utilized in the development of these slices as well.

Made with ingredients like chickpeas and coconut oil, the NotCheese Slices are free from artificial flavors and dyes. This vegan cheese offering marks the second cheese product introduced by Kraft in recent weeks. In celebration of July 4th, the company also announced the launch of a cheese-topped apple pie, aiming to reignite America's love for Kraft American Cheese.

Kraft Is Making Plant-Based Cheese

Kelsey Rice, Associate Director for Kraft Singles at the Kraft Heinz Company, emphasized the company's mission to make simple, irresistible products that enhance the enjoyment of meals. The tradition of melting cheese on top of apple pie inspired Kraft's innovative approach, prompting them to explore new ways to savor their product beyond the grill.

Collaborating with Little Pie Company, Kraft embarked on creating a limited-edition pie featuring their iconic square-shaped cheese slices. The Kraft Singles Apple Pie, made from scratch, promises a delightful experience for all on the Fourth of July.

Kraft's introduction of NotCheese Slices and their cheese-topped apple pie exemplify their commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving preferences of consumers. With the plant-based movement gaining momentum, Kraft aims to provide flavorful alternatives that cater to vegan diets and offer exciting options for all occasions.

As more consumers seek sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives, Kraft's NotCheese Slices provide a delicious and accessible choice. With their dedication to reinventing classic favorites, Kraft continues to shape the future of plant-based options in the culinary world.

Kraft Is Making Plant-Based Cheese



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