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IKEA Introduces Plant-Based Hot Dogs in Push for Food Sustainability

IKEA is adding plant-based hot dogs to its menu, offering a sustainable alternative for customers. The move supports their commitment to environmental responsibility and creating a better everyday life.

IKEA Introduces Plant-Based Hot Dogs in Push for Food Sustainability

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant known for its affordable home furnishings, has made a significant change to its in-store food menu as part of its commitment to sustainability. The company has announced the introduction of plant-based hot dogs to its restaurants, offering customers a more environmentally friendly food option.

Starting from 2024, IKEA restaurants across Australia will serve vegan hot dogs made from rice protein, onion, apple, salt, pepper, and a hint of smokiness. The plant-based sausage aims to replicate the texture and flavor of the classic meat-based hot dog, ensuring that customers can enjoy a familiar taste while making a positive impact on the environment.

This move is part of IKEA's broader push towards offering sustainable food choices and expanding its plant-based product range. The company already offers items such as chocolate mousse, ice cream, and meatballs as part of its commitment to providing plant-based alternatives.

IKEA Introduces Plant-Based Hot Dogs in Push for Food Sustainability

By introducing plant-based hot dogs, IKEA aims to encourage more shoppers to opt for plant-based options while minimizing the environmental impact of their food choices. The animal-friendly snack will be available at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

Helene von Reis, IKEA Sweden Food Manager, emphasized the company's vision of creating a better everyday life for people across the globe. The introduction of plant-based alternatives aligns with IKEA's goal of providing sustainable options that have a reduced impact on the environment while still delivering the same taste and experience that customers know and love.

This announcement comes on the heels of IKEA's recent unveiling of Australia's smallest store, located in Belrose, Sydney. The new Plan and Order Point store offers a personalized shopping experience, providing face-to-face, one-to-one expert advice on complex home furnishing projects. Customers can explore kitchen and wardrobe systems on display and conveniently place orders for any product across the entire IKEA range.

IKEA Introduces Plant-Based Hot Dogs in Push for Food Sustainability

As sustainability continues to gain prominence, companies like IKEA are taking steps to offer more eco-friendly options to their customers. By introducing plant-based hot dogs and expanding their range of sustainable food choices, IKEA is demonstrating its commitment to making a positive difference in the food industry and encouraging consumers to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

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