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Future Farm and Bones & Burgers Partner to Offer Sustainable and Delicious Plant-Based Burgers

Future Farm and Bones & Burgers Unite to Serve Sustainable and Delectable Plant-Based Burgers. A collaboration that satisfies taste buds and supports a greener future.

Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers has joined forces with Future Farm, a Brazilian plant-based food innovator, to introduce their delicious Future Burger to the menu. Located in Tampa, Florida, Bones & Burgers is now proudly offering the "Vegetarian Pitmaster TM," featuring the Future Burger cooked exclusively on a separate vegan grill. Complete with vegan cheese, a special Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers sauce, and classic toppings of lettuce, tomato, and pickles, this plant-based burger promises a sensational dining experience.

future meat

Founded in 2019, Future Farm is honored to be the official supplier of Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers' vegan burger options. The partnership between these two forward-thinking companies stems from their shared vision to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based food. The untapped potential of sustainable cuisine and the expanding opportunities at Bones & Burgers have created the perfect alliance.

Ramon Bourgeois, Acting CEO of Tony Roma's, expressed his excitement, saying, "When we were developing the Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers brand, we set out to create an amazing experience for both meat lovers and vegans. The feedback from our guests about the Future Farm burger has been phenomenal, earning top ratings for its exceptional taste and quality. This aligns perfectly with our brand's focus on sustainability and serves as an excellent complement to our legendary ribs and burgers."

Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers caters to on-the-go guests while ensuring quality ingredients and fresh preparations in a vibrant quick-service environment. Sustainability remains a top priority, with all utensils and straws made from 100% biodegradable agave. In line with this commitment, the Future Burger is 100% carbon-neutral, as Future Farm has partnered with ClimatePartner to offset carbon emissions in their home country of Brazil.

future burger

Future Farm has experienced steady growth since its inception and has recently embarked on a new path to become the farm of the future, offering a one-stop shop for consumers. Alongside their hero products like burgers, sausage, and meatballs, Future Farm continues to innovate with new product offerings, including chicken, tuna, milk, and honey, with many more exciting developments in the pipeline.

Alexandre Ruberti, CEO of Future Farm, expressed his delight about the partnership, stating, "We're thrilled to work with like-minded brands and collaborate with the Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers team to bring more plant-based burger options to the Tampa community. By introducing the Future Burger to their menu, Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers showcases that consumers no longer need to sacrifice taste and quality for sustainability."

Alexandre Ruberti, CEO of Future Farm
Alexandre Ruberti, CEO of Future Farm

All Future Farm products are crafted using 100% clean-label, GMO-free, gluten-free, and low-cholesterol ingredients, featuring an innovative tri-protein blend. Not only are these products incredibly flavorful, but they also offer high protein sustainability, aligning with the growing demand for nutritious and environmentally conscious food options.

Tony Roma's Bones & Burgers boasts an array of delectable menu items, and now, guests can enjoy their favorite burgers in a plant-based version by opting for the Future Burger.

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