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Zero Food Waste Coalition Urges Federal and State Action to Combat Food Waste

Up to 40% of all food in the US is wasted, while millions of Americans face food insecurity. The Zero Food Waste Coalition, formed by NRDC, WWF, Harvard Food Law Policy Clinic, and ReFED, calls for ambitious leadership and action on the federal level and across all 50 states to meet the national goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.

Food waste in agriculture

A new coalition has been formed to tackle the problem of food waste in the United States, where up to 40% of all food is wasted or left behind in fields. The Zero Food Waste Coalition comprises the Natural Resources Defense Council, the World Wildlife Fund, the Harvard Food Law Policy Clinic and the non-profit ReFED. The aim is to promote food waste reduction policies and programs, with a focus on the 2023 Farm Bill, which could provide a crucial legislative framework. The coalition’s priorities for the bill include provisions for food waste reduction infrastructure and research, implementing policies to prevent food waste, and clarifying food date labels.

Call to action to tackle food waste in USA

The US Food Waste Action Plan, which was developed by the coalition and has the backing of over 60 businesses, non-profits and local governments, highlights the need for “ambitious leadership and action” to tackle food waste. The Zero Food Waste Coalition aims to bring groups together to amplify the message beyond what could be achieved individually. The coalition also aims to make it easier for stakeholders to engage in meaningful interventions.

According to the coalition, the problem of food waste cannot be solved by local initiatives alone, but requires the involvement of the federal and state governments to facilitate and incentivize action. The coalition plans to focus on influencing policy at all levels of government, while sharing policy updates and opportunities with partners and stakeholders across the country.

food waste being wasted

The issue of food waste is of increasing concern in the US, where millions of Americans face food insecurity. The country has set a national goal to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, but this will require coordinated action across all sectors of society. The Zero Food Waste Coalition is one of many initiatives aimed at addressing this challenge, but with its focus on federal policy and the 2023 Farm Bill, it has the potential to make a significant impact. To learn more about the coalition and how to get involved, visit

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