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You can grow coconut trees and harvest coconuts with vita coco’s new experience “The Coconut Grove”

Vita Coco is matching coconut seedlings planted by visitors in new virtual experience

Starting today, The Vita Coco Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: COCO) is giving consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of coconut farming and harvest coconuts in “The Coconut Grove” on Roblox.

The Coconut Grove roblox

In the brand’s very first 3D simulation experience, Vita Coco will match all coconut seedlings planted by Roblox users in the experience – up to 100,000 – and distribute real seedlings through the company’s new Seedlings for Sustainability initiative. In honor of Earth Day, Vita Coco will distribute five seedlings for every one seedling planted in The Coconut Grove Experience on April 22. To join the experience, simply search for “The Coconut Grove” on your Roblox app.

The Coconut Grove gives Roblox users worldwide the opportunity to become coconut farmers and embark on the journey to sustainable farming. Users begin at The Coconut Shack, where they can exchange CocoCoins™ for coconut seedlings and tools, and then pick their own plot to plant and nurture seedlings through tending and fertilizing. Once they successfully grow their coconut trees, they can harvest coconuts and crack them open for CocoCoins™, virtual points in The Coconut Grove that can be redeemed for engaging in-experience activities and Roblox avatar wearables. Users who complete secret quests on the island will also have the chance to discover CocoCoins™ and other prizes.

“The Coconut Grove” on Roblox.

“If you’ve ever wondered where our coconuts come from, The Coconut Grove gives you the chance to find out. We’re proud to launch this interactive and educational experience so fans can help us celebrate the diligence and hard work of our coconut farmer partners, while contributing to planting new coconut trees in a fun way,” said Jane Prior, CMO of The Vita Coco Company. “We're excited to bring the magic of coconuts to the metaverse, bridging the gap between environmental and social stewardship and preparing the next generation of consumers on issues that matter to us all.”

Through Seedlings for Sustainability, Vita Coco will distribute up to 10 million seedlings and trees across the globe by 2030. Additionally, all in-game purchases from The Coconut Grove will go directly to Seedlings for Sustainability.

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