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Vegan Market Co brings plant-based delights to Wolverhampton, England

The Vegan Market Co recently set up shop in Wolverhampton's Market Square, offering a range of mouth-watering plant-based foods and products. From vegan burgers and hot dogs to organic fruits and vegetables, cruelty-free cosmetics, and even vegan cheese, there was something for everyone at this lively event.

The Vegan Market Co is a traveling market that seeks to bring the best in vegan food and goods to people across the UK. The event in Wolverhampton featured a variety of vendors, including Happy Mouse, a Shropshire-based company that specializes in vegan cheeses. Happy Mouse was founded by Sam Riley, who started making vegan cheese as a lockdown project and found a niche in the market for strong-flavoured tofu-based options. Popular flavours include caramelised onion and smoked cheese.

May Bakery, another vendor at the market, offered a range of cakes, cookies, and brownies. The Telford-based bakery was started by Andrea Budon, who left her job as a biomedical scientist for the NHS to pursue her passion for baking. Love Meg Bakery, a Peterborough-based company run by 23-year-old Megan Thomson, also had a stall at the market. Their bestsellers include Biscoff treats, triple chocolate cookies, and rocky road.

The event was a hit with attendees, who were able to indulge in delicious vegan treats while supporting small businesses. The Vegan Market Co's mission is to showcase the best in plant-based food and products, and they have been successful in doing so across the UK.

Kim's Vegan Cake stand at the market

The popularity of veganism has been on the rise in recent years, as people become more aware of the environmental and ethical implications of their food choices. The Vegan Society reports that the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled in the past five years, with over 600,000 people now identifying as vegan.

Events like the Vegan Market Co's Wolverhampton market offer an opportunity for people to discover new vegan foods and products and support small businesses in the process. By choosing plant-based options, individuals can reduce their impact on the environment and promote animal welfare.

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