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UrbanChange Protocol launches on mainnet: a new era of economic and social sustainability

UrbanChange Protocol is launching its dual-token economy model promoting economic and social sustainability in local communities worldwide. Its model utilizes LocalCoins and ImpactTokens to drive social engagement and economic growth.

UrbanChange Mainnet Launch

UrbanChange Protocol, a dual-token economy model aimed at promoting economic and social sustainability in local communities around the world, has announced its mainnet launch. The protocol, which will be made publicly accessible in the coming weeks, offers a paradigm shift in how local engagement is measured and incentivized. UrbanChange empowers community leaders and individuals to maximize the impact of their budgets by promoting local engagement related to sustainability, education, preventive care, diversity, and shopping local.

The dual-token model of UrbanChange Protocol enables community leaders to set, track, and achieve their goals by motivating residents to participate in community initiatives. This creates a strong, circular local economy that drives increased economic and social prosperity, and gives residents a true sense of ownership.

The LocalCoin is a local currency that residents earn for taking actions that support the goals of the community, such as recycling, volunteering, and promoting education. Residents can use their LocalCoins to shop at whitelisted local businesses. Spending LocalCoins earns ImpactTokens, which offer voting and governance rights to members of the community and provide access to benefits associated with shared ownership. Ultimately, ImpactTokens reflect the prosperity and level of social engagement of urban communities.

In anticipation of the launch, UrbanChange has opened the floor for community leaders worldwide to receive a grant of 5,000 UrbanChange Tokens needed to launch their community on UrbanChange Protocol. A total of 10 grants will be distributed to community leaders who join the Local Heroes Program and take the necessary steps to open their UrbanChange Vault.

UrbanChange's Local Heroes Program is designed to support the leaders of UrbanChange in communities worldwide. The program provides leaders with the resources needed to spread the word and implement UrbanChange successfully in their local communities.

"At UrbanChange, we believe that change can start anywhere," said UrbanChange Co-Founder Ortal Tevel. "It doesn't matter if you are a municipality, a private or non-profit organization, or an individual. If you want to lead change, UrbanChange is designed for you. Nobody is too insignificant. You just need one community leader to drive change and take more and more people with them… In the end, every action counts, and collective action will ultimately create lasting change."

UrbanChange Protocol’s upcoming mainnet launch will allow motivated residents and leaders to be among the first to launch UrbanChange in their communities and receive early adopter benefits. The launch marks a new era of economic and social sustainability in local communities around the world.

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