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Princess Anne Makes a Royal Statement with a Reusable Dress at Royal Ascot

In the realm of sustainable fashion, Princess Anne has proven herself to be a true trendsetter. While Kate Middleton often captures the spotlight for her wardrobe choices, it's Princess Anne who has recently caught our attention with her commitment to re-wearing a remarkable piece. At this year's Royal Ascot, the princess graced the event in a windowpane-check dress that is a staggering 45 years old, making multiple appearances since its debut in 1978.

Princess Royal in 1978 when she welcomed the president of Botswana to Buckingham Palace
Princess Royal in 1978 when she welcomed the president of Botswana to Buckingham Palace
Princess Royal at this year's Royal Ascot re-wearing the same blue dress from 1978.
Princess Royal at this year's Royal Ascot re-wearing the same blue dress from 1978.

The blue dress holds a special place in Princess Anne's heart and has become a cherished item in her wardrobe. To give it a fresh twist, she added a white cardigan, which not only complements the distinctive pattern but also offers versatility for different occasions. A statement brooch served as the perfect finishing touch to her elegant ensemble.

This isn't the first time Princess Anne has demonstrated her penchant for sustainable fashion. Known for her frugality and timeless style, she has gained a reputation for wearing the same clothes for decades. The Telegraph reports that she was first photographed wearing the dress in 1978 and then again in 2021. Last year, she chose to wear the dress during an appearance at the NHS Blood & Transplant Blood Centre in Barnsley, where she confidently showcased its timeless appeal without the need for a jacket or additional accessories.

While the dress's designer remains unconfirmed, rumors suggest that Maureen Baker, a talented fashion creator who crafted garments for Princess Anne during the 1970s and '80s, may have been the mastermind behind this stunning piece. Baker's previous work includes designing the wedding gown worn by Princess Anne in 1973, further solidifying their creative partnership.

The Royal Ascot, a prestigious horse racing event, provided the perfect backdrop for Princess Anne's fashion statement. Notable attendees included King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, who celebrated their horse, Desert Hero, winning the George V stakes. To commemorate their victory, the Duke of Kent, Queen Elizabeth's cousin, presented them with a gleaming silver trophy. This year marked the first Royal Ascot of King Charles's reign, adding an extra layer of significance to the already momentous occasion.

Queen Elizabeth, who had been a devoted attendee of the Royal Ascot during her remarkable 70-year reign, may have been absent this time, but Princess Anne's eco-conscious choice of attire served as a beacon of sustainability and style. By re-wearing a dress that carries such rich history and personal significance, Princess Anne showcased her commitment to reducing fashion waste and embracing a more environmentally conscious approach to dressing.

Princess Anne's timeless fashion statement at the Royal Ascot captivated onlookers, proving that sustainability and royal elegance go hand in hand. Her decision to breathe new life into a dress from the past highlights the importance of cherishing and reinventing our beloved wardrobe pieces. In an era where fast fashion dominates, Princess Anne's commitment to sustainability is truly admirable and sets a regal example for all.

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