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Nature's superhero: the Penguin Protector wins prestigious Conservation Prize

The Penguin Protector, Dr Pablo Borboroglu, wins the prestigious Indianapolis Prize for his exceptional contributions to penguin conservation.

Dr Pablo Borboroglu

Dr Pablo Borboroglu, known as The Penguin Protector, has been awarded the 2023 Indianapolis Prize for his outstanding work in conserving the world's penguin species. This esteemed prize is often referred to as the Nobel prize of the conservation world.

Over the course of three decades, Dr Borboroglu has become a renowned expert in penguin ecology and conservation. He founded the Global Penguin Society in 2009 and currently serves as its president. Additionally, he co-founded the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Penguin Specialist Group. Through his relentless efforts, Dr Borboroglu has contributed to the protection of over two and a half million penguins worldwide.

Dr Pablo Borboroglu the Penguin Protector

Hailing from Argentina, Dr Borboroglu is the first Indianapolis Prize winner from South America. He was selected from a group of finalists representing five different countries across the globe.

Dr Robert Shumaker, President of the Indianapolis Zoo, praised Dr Borboroglu as an extraordinary individual who has positively impacted the survival of a species. He stated that the accomplishments of Dr Borboroglu perfectly align with the ideals sought by the Indianapolis Prize.

In light of his win, Dr Borboroglu emphasizes the interconnectedness between the future of humanity and that of penguins. He highlights that we face similar threats and challenges, and by protecting penguins, we are ultimately safeguarding numerous other species that coexist with them.

Penguins serve as excellent indicators of ocean health, reflecting the impact of climate change, plastic pollution, oil extraction, and fishing activities. Their extensive habitats, spanning both land and sea, make their preservation crucial for the protection of countless other organisms.

Dr Pablo Borboroglu

The Indianapolis Prize, awarded by the Indianapolis Zoological Society, includes a prize money of $250,000, making it the largest monetary award for conservationists globally. This substantial sum aims to recognize and celebrate individuals who have made remarkable contributions to the conservation of species or groups of species.

Expressing his gratitude for the prize, Dr Borboroglu emphasized the instrumental role the funds will play in accelerating conservation efforts. Upon returning to Argentina, he plans to embark on a project to safeguard a vast 600,000-acre area in Patagonia.

When asked about his favorite penguin species, Dr Borboroglu likened the choice to selecting a favorite child but admitted to having a soft spot for the yellow-eyed penguin, as there are only approximately 1,500 pairs remaining in the world.

Dr Borboroglu wins The Indianapolis Prize, awarded by the Indianapolis Zoological Society

Dr Pablo Borboroglu's dedication to penguin conservation and his remarkable achievements have rightfully earned him the title of The Penguin Protector. In addition to the 2023 Indianapolis Prize, he has previously been honored with the Whitley Award in 2010 and the Segre/WFN Partnership Award in 2014.

Dr Borboroglu's work serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the importance of protecting our natural world and the extraordinary impact that individuals can make in preserving Earth's biodiversity.

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