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Hong Kong apparel manufacturer leading eco & sustainable fight in fashion

Hong Kong-based Crystal International Group achieves remarkable sustainability milestones, reducing carbon footprint and water consumption, while pioneering innovative technologies for a greener fashion future.

Crystal International Group denim division
Crystal International Group denim division

Crystal International Group, a leading global apparel manufacturer based in Hong Kong, has received nearly 70 awards in 2022 for its commitment to responsible practices and sustainability initiatives. In its 14th sustainability report, the company showcases its accomplishments and outlines its future plans.

Despite the challenges faced, Crystal International remained united and resilient in its mission to make fashion sustainable for both people and the planet. Sustainability has been deeply ingrained in the company's corporate culture for over 15 years, permeating every aspect of its operations. By prioritizing sustainability, Crystal International meets the growing expectations of customers and stakeholders.

The report encompasses all 20 of Crystal International's factories across five countries. It marks the successful completion of the company's third global five-year sustainability targets. Since 2007, Crystal International has collaborated with its factories and employees to achieve these targets successfully.

Crystal International Group

One notable achievement is the reduction of carbon footprint per garment by 17%, surpassing the initial goal of 10%. The company also exceeded its target (8%) for reducing freshwater consumption per garment by achieving a 25% reduction. Additionally, Crystal International planted 3.03 million trees since 2007, in line with its goal of one million trees every five years.

Looking to the future, Crystal International is formulating its Crystal Sustainability Vision 2030 (CSV2030) as the next milestone in its sustainability journey. CSV2030 aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and takes into account stakeholder concerns and industry characteristics. It will provide a strategic direction for sustainability initiatives across all operating facilities.

Crystal International's commitment to sustainability is exemplified by its net zero-certified five-pocket jeans, the first and only product to achieve such certification under the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) Net-Zero Certificate Scheme. The company implemented a decarbonization strategy throughout the manufacturing process, incorporating technologies like laser technology, solar PV, advanced washing machines, pre-drying hanger systems, and energy-saving dryers. These efforts have resulted in significant chemical savings and improved efficiency.

In 2022, Crystal International launched a smart warehouse in its denim factory in Vietnam. Equipped with an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), the warehouse optimizes space utilization and reduces the need for human labor. This innovation has doubled warehouse storage capacity while minimizing human error and freeing up employees' time for high-value tasks.

Crystal International Group denim division

Crystal International's denim factories also showcase smart laundry and finishing technologies. The company has replaced traditional sandblasting with laser technology, saving water and enhancing worker safety. Eco-efficient ozone technology allows denim jeans to be bleached without water or chemicals. Advanced front-loading washing machines further reduce water and energy consumption while minimizing the use of chemicals.

While Crystal International acknowledges there is more work to be done on its net-zero fashion journey, the company is confident in the collective effort of its dedicated employees, value chain partners, suppliers, and stakeholders. The pursuit of sustainability will lead the way to a greener fashion future.

By embracing sustainable practices and pioneering innovative solutions, Crystal International is making significant strides in creating a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.

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