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Here are the Top 10 Companies of 2023 Busy with Ocean Clean-Up

Give them a round of applause! Here are the top companies cleaning up our vital oceans

1. The Ocean Cleanup

Founded in 2013 by Boyan Slat, The Ocean Cleanup is a Dutch non-profit organization that develops advanced technologies to extract plastic from the oceans. Their flagship project is a floating barrier system designed to capture plastic waste in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a massive concentration of plastic debris located in the North Pacific Ocean.

2. 4Ocean

4Ocean is a for-profit company that sells bracelets made from recycled materials and uses a portion of the proceeds to fund ocean cleanup efforts. They organize regular beach cleanups and partner with local organizations to remove plastic waste from the ocean.

3. Seabin

Seabin is an Australian-based company that has developed an automated trash collector that can be installed in marinas, ports, and other bodies of water. The Seabin captures floating debris, including plastics and microplastics, and prevents it from entering the ocean.

4. Bureo

Bureo is a for-profit company that creates sustainable products from recycled fishing nets, which are a major contributor to ocean plastic pollution. They partner with fishing communities in Chile to collect and recycle discarded nets and turn them into skateboards, sunglasses, and other products.

5. Ocean Voyages Institute

Ocean Voyages Institute is a non-profit organization that operates a fleet of ships that remove plastic debris from the ocean. Their most recent voyage in 2020 removed over 100 tons of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

6. The Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that uses blockchain technology to create a global network of plastic recycling centers. They work with local communities to collect and recycle plastic waste and provide incentives in the form of cash, goods, or services.

7. Plastic Odyssey

Plastic Odyssey is a non-profit organization that has developed a solar-powered ship that can convert plastic waste into fuel. They travel around the world, stopping in ports to collect plastic waste and demonstrate their technology.

8. Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans is a non-profit organization that raises awareness about ocean pollution and collaborates with companies to develop sustainable solutions. They partner with Adidas, Stella McCartney, and other brands to create products made from ocean plastic.

9. 5 Gyres

5 Gyres is a non-profit organization that conducts scientific research on ocean plastic pollution and advocates for policy changes to reduce plastic waste. They also organize expeditions to remove plastic debris from the ocean.

10. Clean Oceans International

Clean Oceans International is a non-profit organization that develops technologies to remove plastic waste from the ocean. They are currently developing a mobile ocean plastic waste processing unit that can be used in remote areas.

Do you have other companies doing great work for the planet to feature? Leave us a comment!



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