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Get Ready to Go Eco-Friendly and Waterless with Omya at in-cos Barcelona

Get ready to be amazed and inspired by Omya's sustainable, waterless, and eco-friendly solutions at the upcoming in-cos Global in Barcelona from March 28-30. Omya is showcasing a portfolio of mineral ingredients for skin and oral care solutions, natural colors for decorative formulations, and more!

Did you know that creating a water-free or water-reduced personal and oral care product is technically challenging? But the Omya R&D team has done it! They've developed anhydrous formulations using minerals like Omyaskin and Omyadent particles. These prototypes are easy to disperse and offer a sensorial experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

That's not all, folks! Omya is also showcasing Cosmospheres, a natural ingredient solution that concentrates actives and ensures their release during application. These cellulosic beads can keep liquid or powdered actives contained in products formulated with water. And the best part? The Charcoal Cosmospheres toothpaste will be on display, so you can see it for yourself!

For makeup and color cosmetics, Omya offers combinations of Omyacare grades and natural colorants from their distribution portfolio. You can experience these amazing products at their sensory hub at the booth and see and feel the prototypes for yourself.

Stefan Lander, vice president consumer goods, group sales and marketing at Omya, said, "We feel proud to contribute to natural, renewable, and pioneering solutions that respect nature, biodiversity, and the importance of human health." So come and see for yourself how Omya is making a difference in the world and protecting the needs of current and future generations.

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