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Formula 1 Teams Achieve Environmental Milestone with FIA Three-Star Accreditation

All 10 Formula 1 teams have attained the highest level of environmental recognition, the FIA Three-Star Accreditation, showcasing their commitment to sustainability in the sport.

All 10 Formula 1 teams have achieved the prestigious FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation, marking a significant milestone in the sport's sustainability journey. This accreditation represents the highest level of recognition for environmental sustainability from the FIA, the governing body of motorsport.

In addition to the teams' achievement, the FIA Formula One World Championship itself has also renewed its own Three-Star Environmental Accreditation, further emphasizing Formula 1's commitment to sustainability.

Stefano Domenicali, President & CEO at Formula 1, expressed his delight at this achievement, stating, "To have our whole Championship, as well as many of our partners and promoters, achieve this milestone is a significant moment and one which demonstrates the ongoing commitment from the whole F1 community to change to reach our sustainability goals."

Stefano Domenicali, President & CEO at Formula 1
Stefano Domenicali, President & CEO at Formula 1

So, how is Formula 1 making strides towards becoming more sustainable? The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme was launched in 2011 to enhance the sport's environmental performance. This program evaluates various criteria, including supply chain management, energy use, transport planning, noise management, and carbon emissions. Independent auditors assess these criteria to ensure fair and impartial accreditation.

The FIA Formula One World Championship obtained its first accreditation in 2020, serving as an inspiration for other stakeholders within the sport to embark on their own sustainability journeys. Teams, race promoters, and host circuits have been actively pursuing the FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation.

Felipe Calderón, President of the FIA Environment and Sustainability Commission, emphasized the importance of setting high standards in environmental sustainability at the pinnacle of motorsport. He stated, "This renewal of FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation recognizes that the championship continues to prioritize and achieve best practice in reaching its goals."

The commitment to sustainability extends beyond the championship itself. Pirelli, a Global Partner of Formula 1, as well as several race promoters and host circuits, have also been awarded the highest level of accreditation. This includes events in Spain, the UAE, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Singapore, Japan, and the UK.

Ellen Jones, Head of ESG at Formula 1, highlighted the role of environmental management systems in delivering their Sustainability Strategy. These systems ensure continuous improvement and sustainable practices across all processes and engagements with stakeholders, contributing to a more sustainable event and championship.

Formula 1's progress in achieving the FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation for all teams and its own championship demonstrates the sport's commitment to sustainable practices. By setting high standards and continuously working towards its sustainability goals, Formula 1 aims to inspire positive change within the motorsport community and beyond.

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