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Dogpatch Labs Launches Sustainability Accelerator to Make Ireland a Global Leader in Sustainability

Irish start-up and innovation hub Dogpatch Labs partners with Irish government and industry players to launch the 2050 programme to accelerate sustainability innovation.

Dublin-based innovation hub Dogpatch Labs has teamed up with the Irish government and industry partners to launch a new sustainability accelerator programme, called 2050. The initiative aims to position Ireland as a leader in sustainability innovation and will be focused on three areas: a start-up accelerator, a partner network, and a sustainability innovation forum.

The 2050 accelerator programme will begin in Q2 2023, and it is open to Irish and global start-ups that are developing solutions to climate challenges. The programme will offer start-ups access to infrastructure assets such as wind farms, dairy farms, and forestry, as well as mentors from the sustainability sector. It will also feature regional hubs based in Cork, Kerry, and Galway in the West of Ireland. The deadline for applications is April 20, 2030.

Director of Innovation at Dogpatch Labs David Power said that "sustainability is the most fundamental global challenge of this century and innovation will be a key factor in working out of this problem. Making this available to homegrown and international start-ups provides a way for them to make really meaningful progress." The initiative is part of the Irish government's Climate Action Plan, which aims to achieve a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Ireland's Minister of Department of Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan, said that "start-up innovation will play an important role in achieving our national sustainability targets, and these new key initiatives will help open the door to really practical and impactful activities for start-ups, that in partnership with government and private industry can really help Ireland move forward in this area. Ireland is well placed to take advantage of the global opportunity to become a real leader in sustainability innovation in line with the government’s commitments in the Climate Action Plan."

2050 is an opportunity for start-ups to drive progress towards a more sustainable future while also having access to national assets and a supportive community of mentors. Dogpatch Labs and its partners hope that 2050 will inspire innovative solutions to some of the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time, and position Ireland as a global leader in this area. To learn more and apply for the programme, visit

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