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Chill with the Bud Ground Cooler: The Sustainable Way to Keep Drinks Cold

Summer just got cooler with the Bud Ground Cooler - the eco-friendly, electricity-free fridge that goes below 6°C. Budweiser is taking the initiative to install these in remote areas across the globe, starting with Morocco. Let's party sustainably!

Budweiser’s Bud Ground Cooler – a Sustainable Cooler Doesn’t Need Electricity
Budweiser’s Bud Ground Cooler – a Sustainable Cooler Doesn’t Need Electricity

Summer is all about good vibes, great friends, and cold drinks. But what happens when you're in an area where electricity is unreliable or nonexistent? Budweiser's got you covered with their new invention – the Bud Ground Cooler! Designed in partnership with BETC Paris and frog design studio, this electricity-free cooler goes below 6°C (43°F) and uses an ancient cooling technique to keep your drinks cold.

According to the campaign, around 48% of developing countries don't have access to electricity, leaving local entrepreneurs with no working refrigerators. Budweiser's innovative Bud Ground Cooler offers a sustainable and practical solution for communities in need. The Bud Ground Cooler was inspired by ancient cooling techniques used in antiquity by Egyptians and Indus Valley civilizations. The ground's geothermal cooling properties keep the drinks cool, and the design is also practical for countries suffering from extreme heat.

The Bud Ground Cooler has a revolutionary design that features an umbrella-like top that provides shade from the scorching sun, making it the perfect accessory for your summer parties. Currently used in Morocco, the brand plans to install more Bud Ground Coolers in various regions with electricity issues, including Turkey, which has already signed up for the initiative.

Budweiser and BETC Paris in partnership with frog, design & create the Bud Ground Cooler

The Bud Ground Cooler uses the Venturi effect, a process that goes through a mast that sits 4.5 meters high, cooling off the fresh air below ground even more. The Venturi effect creates a cool air current that flows down the pipe directly into the ground to cool your drinks to under eight degrees. With new ultra-performing clay cylinder pots, the air circulation is doubled, increasing freshness. It's a real technical achievement, and the Ground Cooler is now the first electricity-free fridge that goes under 8°C.

Budweiser’s Bud Ground Cooler – a Sustainable Cooler Doesn’t Need Electricity
Budweiser’s Bud Ground Cooler – a Sustainable Cooler Doesn’t Need Electricity

Babatope Aiku, Sustainability Engineer at frog, explains the Bud Ground Cooler's function in more detail: "We placed nine cylinder clay pots, that hold the beverages, 4 meters below the ground where the air is refreshed by evaporation." It's a low-tech, zero-emission innovative solution that can scale and be good for businesses, people, and the planet.

Tim Moerman, Sustainability & ESG Director at Budweiser, states that instead of investing in traditional media like billboards, they've used those funds to install branded coolers in local businesses. This way, they can promote the brand in a way that is useful for communities. The Bud Cooler can sustainably cool up to 300 drinks below 6 degrees, making it the perfect addition to any summer gathering.

Budweiser's Bud Ground Cooler offers a new level of sustainability, providing a much-needed solution for communities without access to electricity. With its eco-friendly design and practical functionality, it's perfect for summer parties or just a relaxing day at the beach. Budweiser's mission to provide sustainable solutions that are good for businesses, people, and the planet is commendable, and we can't wait to see more of their innovations in the future.



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