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Catch 'em all and save the planet: Pokémon Go sustainability week 2023

Join Sustainability Week in Pokémon Go and catch sustainability-themed Pokémon, complete Timed Research tasks, and promote eco-friendly practices while earning rewards and so much more.

Pokemon Go sustainability week

Trainers, listen up! Sustainability Week has arrived in the world of Pokémon Go, and it's time to show your commitment to the environment while also catching some awesome Pokémon.

During this limited-time event, you'll have the chance to complete Timed Research tasks and earn rewards like XP, Stardust, and rare items. Plus, there are field research tasks to complete and sustainability-themed Pokémon like Trubbish and Drilbur to catch.

To become a sustainability champion, you'll need to use berries to help catch Pokémon, feed your buddy, and snap photos of your buddy. And don't forget about the new egg pool, featuring Pokémon like Cherubi and Drilbur. As you complete these tasks and catch sustainability-themed Pokémon, you'll be taking action to promote sustainable practices and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainability Pokemon Go

But that's not all, Trainers! During Sustainability Week, your Buddy Pokémon will be your best friend in more ways than one. They'll bring you leaf-wrapped gifts containing Berries and other goodies, and you'll earn Candy faster by walking with them. And if your Buddy Pokémon is an Ultra Buddy, you'll receive souvenirs from them more frequently.

So get out there and catch 'em all while also promoting sustainability in the real world. And don't forget to dress the part with the new Bounsweet Hat, Steenee Shirt, and Tsareena Boots outfits, available for purchase in the in-game shop. Let's make Sustainability Week a success!

Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Event Timed Research Guide | Pokemon Go

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