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Buckingham Palace Unveils Eco-Friendly Screen for King Charles III's Coronation

The use of an eco-friendly screen for King Charles III's coronation is a symbol of his dedication to sustainability.

eco-friendly screen for King Charles III's coronation

The Buckingham Palace has unveiled a new eco-friendly screen that will be used during King Charles III's coronation at Westminster Abbey on 6th May. The monarch is known for his eco-consciousness and the use of the screen is a testament to his dedication to sustainability.

Watch the unveiling of the screen at Westminster Abby:

The screen has an intricate design that incorporates leaves representing the nations of the Commonwealth and uses a range of sustainable materials, including bamboo, recycled plastic bottles and paper. It's a beautiful and unique design that also promotes sustainability.

During the ceremony, King Charles III will be anointed with the holy oil from Jerusalem in a deeply spiritual moment. The use of the eco-friendly screen provides the royal with more privacy and adds a modern interpretation to an ancient ritual.

The eco-friendly screen is a symbol of King Charles III's commitment to sustainability, and it sets an example for others to follow. It's a step towards a more sustainable future and shows that everyone has a role to play in creating a better world.

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