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Battle of the Minds is back again: The competition unleashes out-of-the-box sustainability ideas

A new wave of visionary entrepreneurs is on a mission to revolutionize our daily lives and combat climate change.

Enter Battle of the Minds, an annual competition that invites students and recent graduates worldwide to pitch innovative solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges. The competition, sponsored by Btomorrow Ventures and BAT's Global Graduate Programme, offers participants a chance to secure funding and make a meaningful impact.

The Future of Sustainability is in the Hands of Entrepreneurs
The Future of Sustainability is in the Hands of Entrepreneurs

Let's explore some of the inspiring ideas that have emerged from this remarkable platform:

Seaweed-Based Bioplastic Packaging

With the UK discarding a staggering 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging annually, Team FlexSea introduced a game-changing solution. Their proprietary technology transforms seaweed into a bioplastic that can be used for various packaging applications without compromising quality. Recognizing its potential, FlexSea secured £50,000 in funding to bring this sustainable packaging alternative to the market.

Reusable Food Packs

In response to Mexico City's ban on single-use plastics, Team Erre devised a reusable mug system for takeaway food and drinks. This environmentally friendly approach not only reduced waste but also fostered customer loyalty among participating cafes. For their ingenuity, Team Erre claimed the second runner-up position, earning £25,000 in funding.

Edible Seaweed Straws

Team Ijo from Indonesia claimed the top spot in 2021 with their edible seaweed straws. These eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic straws not only help combat Indonesia's plastic waste problem but also offer a familiar drinking experience. The team received £50,000 to bring their innovative idea to fruition.

Team Ijo from Indonesia Makes Edible Seaweed Straws To Replace Plastic Straws
Team Ijo from Indonesia Makes Edible Seaweed Straws To Replace Plastic Straws

Utilizing Marine Waste

Facing the challenge of Egypt being a significant contributor to Mediterranean plastic pollution, Team Egypt harnessed marine waste to create high-quality gelatin. This versatile material can be used in the production of glue, photographic emulsions, and more. Their efforts earned them a runner-up position and £25,000 in investment.

Cigarette Butt Composting

In drought-prone Eastern Africa, Team Kenya devised an innovative solution to enhance plant growth in volatile weather conditions. They repurposed discarded cigarette butts into planters for urban farming and compost for cultivation. Recognizing their potential, the team secured a runner-up position and a £25,000 fund.

2022 Battle of Minds: Winners & runners-up
2022 Battle of Minds: Winners & runners-up

Join the Movement: Battle of the Minds 2023 **

Do you have a groundbreaking idea that can address today's sustainability challenges? Battle of the Minds 2023 is now accepting applications. Choose from four challenge categories - Tech, Bio, Energy, and Inclusion - and bring your innovative solution to life. The competition welcomes ideas that transcend boundaries and contribute to a more sustainable future.

** is not paid for advertising this program, the publication feels it is its duty to the movement to let our readers know of such opportunities.

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