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Anyone can have birds nest in their yard, and watch them from their phones!

Birdfy Nest: Your very own window to help, host and watch the beauty of bird living, hatching, nesting and growing!

Bird watching just got a whole lot more exciting with Netvue Birdfy Nest, the smart birdhouse that captures the magic of bird life like never before. With dual HD cameras and AI recognition, this modern birdhouse offers an immersive bird-watching experience that allows people to witness the beauty of birds hatching, nesting, and growing up close and personal. Birdfy Nest is now on Kickstarter — learn more:

Birdfy Nest intelligently identifies the key stages of the nesting and incubation process and automatically generates short videos that can be recorded and shared with friends and family. The birdhouse can identify stages such as nest building and preparation, egg-laying, incubation, hatching, feeding, and fledgling. With an auto-app notification for every important moment, Birdfy Nest ensures that bird lovers never miss a critical moment.

Birdfy Nest's modern design makes it not only a functional birdhouse but also a stylish addition to any outdoor space. The birdhouse is equipped with strong materials, anti-predator structures, and nestlings climbing chutes, ensuring the safety and comfort of the birds. Ventilation and drainage holes ensure that the inside of the birdhouse stays cool and dry, and that there is enough fresh air for the birds. Birdfy Nest is easy to open and clean, so users can maintain a healthy environment for the birds.

Capture and cherish the beauty of birds hatching, nesting, and growing like never before with Birdfy Nest. Order Birdfy Nest today and experience the wonder of birdlife from the window. For more information about Birdfy Nest bird houses, please visit

About Netvue:

Netvue's mission is to use AI technology to assist people in all aspects of home life and to bring a human dimension to modern technology. This AI will transform people's living environment into a friendly yet powerful Smart Space.

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