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Air India leaps forward on World Earth Day 2023 to minimizing single-use plastic on flights

The Indian airline reduces single-use plastic by 80 percent on all flights, in an ongoing effort to minimize its environmental impact.

Air India, India's national airline, has pledged to reduce single-use plastic on all flights by 80 percent. The announce came just a day before World Earth Day 2023. This ambitious initiative is part of an ongoing effort since the privatisation of the airline, led by a team of experts, and supported by catering partners and vendors to minimize their environmental impact.

Air India

According to a statement by Air India, the reduction in single-use plastic has been achieved through a series of initiatives and actions that have been taken since the privatisation of the airline. These efforts have been led by a team of in-house experts who have worked closely with catering partners and multiple vendors to find innovative solutions to reduce single-use plastic.

Air India's commitment to sustainability is commendable, especially given the significant impact that the airline industry has on the environment. The airline industry is responsible for around 2% of global carbon emissions, and single-use plastic is a significant contributor to environmental pollution.

Air India has taken several steps to reduce single-use plastic on its flights. These include replacing plastic cups with paper cups, replacing plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery, and switching to eco-friendly packaging for in-flight meals. The airline has also started a campaign to encourage passengers to bring their reusable water bottles on board and refill them during the flight.

Air India's efforts to reduce single-use plastic are an excellent example of how companies can take concrete steps to reduce their environmental impact. By prioritizing sustainability and taking steps to reduce single-use plastic, Air India is showing that it is possible to run a successful business while also protecting the environment.

India has a long history of environmental activism, and World Earth Day 2023 provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability. World Earth Day is observed every year on April 22 to raise awareness about environmental issues and support the protection of the planet.

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