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5 products you can buy to instantly be natural, clean and sustainable

We have gathered the 5 most basic products you can change to instantly make your life healthier, more natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. Click each image for the product on amazon

1. Organic & natural detergent

Since we all wear clothes all the time, the way we wash our clothes matter! Check out Amazon's top 5 eco-friendly, natural detergents:

2. Organic & natural body wash

We also all shower once ow twice a day, the soup we use to clean ourselves has a huge impact on our body and wellbeing, as well as the planet and using eco-friendly products:

3. Organic & natural dish soup

Of course we wash dishes or we have a dishwasher, consider switching the soap you use to an organic one- it's a win-win situation.

4. Biodegradable bags

We need packaging bags, that's no crime, but let's choose the option that does not harm th environment! Here are my favorites:

5. Bamboo utensils

Since we love eating, our utensils matter! The metals we use to mine from earth have a huge negative effect. Instead we ca use bamboo utensils which also look nice and feel nice, here are my favorites:

Please let me know how you liked these products! Were they easy to view on amazon by clicking the image? Or you did not like something else? Leave a comment and let me know!

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